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This week we…






Sam has also begun to tell jokes :) His first went like this; Mommy: Is that yogurt yummy Sam?
Sam: Yeah.
Mommy: What flavour is it?
Sam: Poo, poo! (Said with an enormous grin and followed by peals of laughter.) Gotta love toilet humour :)

His second;  Mommy: What do we cook in that Sam? (as Sam enters the kitchen with a cage for bbqing fish)
Sam: Meatballs! (once again followed by peals of laughter).

I’m sure he’ll get funnier as time goes on, but it’s pretty entertaining as it is.

Have a brilliant weekend. We’re excited to be hanging out with all of Kevin’s family for the weekend. It only happens about once a year, so it’s going to be great. Total cousin saturation for Sam!


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Go away bee!

2013-08-24 15.22.47

Sam has a favourite new expression. ‘Go away!’. As in ‘go away rain!’ when we want to go out to play. Or ‘go away Mahler’ when he gets in the way of building towers with blocks, or tries to steal Sam’s snacks. Or ‘go away bee!’ when he hears one buzzing nearby. Unfortunately that didn’t work on Saturday morning and our poor little guy was stung, right on his eyelid! Ouch. He was remarkably brave as I pulled out the stinger and put arnica and ice on it. Braver than his Mom who kept it fairly cool on the outside but was secretly freaking out. Thankfully the tears ended quickly. And the swelling was gone about 36 hours later. It lasted just long enough for sympathy milkshakes :)

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Made by Mommy: Sam’s Book of Great Adventures


Sam was 21 months on Saturday. Where does the time go? And continuing with our tradition of making him something for each month milestone, we presented him with a book of all of the great adventures he’s been on so far this year. It’s a photo diary of all of the fun we’ve had, and he just loves it. Here’s what we did. Continue reading