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And then he was three


Our baby is three. How on earth did that happen? This hilarious, curious, precocious and completely precious little boy of ours has become a proper little boy. He makes us laugh, melts our hearts and tries our patience :) And we love him for it. Here’s an little peak into his world….

When I asked him this morning what he wants to be when he grows up, he replied without a moments pause, “A paleontologist”. Seriously. This kid could tell you the difference between a diplodocus and a brachiosaurus. It’s ridiculous.

When he wants to get up to no good, like eating a giant spoon of peanut butter straight out of the jar, he puts his hand up and says to be me, “It’s ok Mom, you just go and make breakfast.” And he has no idea he’s totally giving himself away :)

His favourite thing to do with his little brother is take both of Tom’s hands and bounce them up and down while chanting “joy, joy, joy”. Melt.

He really, really likes yoga and whispers “Namaste” with his hands in the prayer position with total sincerity at the end of every class.

He requests dance parties almost every night after dinner and shows us the “new moves he dreamed up in the night”. Spinning one arm round and round is the latest. It’s awesome.

He says “Oh thanks Mom/Dad” without being prompted. Quite proud of that really.

And on the night of his birthday when he was too excited to fall asleep and his Dad had already read just about every book in his room, I went in, turned off to the light and lay down with him. He eventually snuggled down and stopped talking a mile a minute. Then he leaned over, kissed me on the lips and whispered “I love you”. I nearly died. Seriously.

We love you too little boo. Happy Birthday. You’re the most terrific little boy we could ever have hoped for.

A few pics from his birthday week…


It’s hard to see and we forgot to take a photo before devouring it, but that’s a T-Rex cake. And it even sort of resembled a T-Rex :)


Marking his height on the growth chart. He’d been looking forward to this for weeks before the big day.


Before and After shots of our family trip to an activity centre nearby on the day. He had a blast. Oh and Dad was bitten on the thumb by a pig named Norman which meant a trip to the doctor for a tetanus shot on the way home. Sam thought it was all quite thrilling. Dad won’t be forgetting this day anytime soon :)

see saw

Riding the see-saw with one of his gifts. If he actually does become a paleontologist, I’ll frame this for his office one day :)




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Happy Halloween!


Excitement levels were at an all-time high in our house today! Tom was loving the spectacle but Sam, oh boy, I don’t know if he’s ever been more psyched up for an event. Though we’d been talking about trick-or-treating for days, no weeks, as I was painting his face to get him ready this evening he nearly burst.

Sam: “You mean we’re actually going trick-or-treating? Now?”

Mom: “Yes, it’s time.”

Sam: “Oh my goodness, I have been waiting for this. I can hardly believe it!”

Possibly the cutest night we’ve ever had.

Happy Halloween everyone! A few more pics of the cutest (sorry, toughest and scariest!) dinosaur around and the most adorable lion ever.

halloweentom halloweensam halloween2

It was take two for the lion suit….. definitely brothers, there’s no denying it :)



Brotherly love


We’ve had five months to adjust to being a family of four and I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly wonderful having two little ones really is. I was so anxious before Tom was born- how would I manage with two when Sam already took up all of my time? What if Sam really didn’t like having a sibling? How would I ever give as much attention to the new baby as I did to Sam when he was born? And on. And on. And on I went. And sure, there are days when life is totally nuts and the house is a disaster and I’m super tired and cranky and I lose my patience and having two little ones does seem crazy. But then there are moments like this.


And this.


And this.


And the love that these two little boys already have for each other is incredible and so surprising, I mean I knew I’d love this little one instantly and without limit but nothing could prepare me for how quickly they felt that way about one another. It’s not perfect. Sam gets frustrated when he wants my attention and I’m busy with Tom. And Tom gets pretty bothered when he wants a feed, like now, and I have to make him wait a moment or two. But when I overhear Sam ‘teaching’ Tom how to do something, like ‘Here Tom, let me show you, this is how you jump Tom. Jumpy, jumpy, jumpy.’ And when I hear Tom squealing with delight simply because his big brother is looking at him, my heart feels like it’s going to burst.


To all the Mom’s out there who are expecting a second child and are, as I was, anxious about how it’s going to affect your first born or change your dynamic or be really hard to handle, take heart. You’ll have your tough days but then good ones will be so incredibly good that you’ll move on and forget the bad. Having two children takes all of the love that you had with one child and multiplies it, not by two, but by a hundred. And we’re only five months in :)



Seriously? Yoga amazingness

mama-to-be in yoga pose - dang!

So here I am in my last yoga class.

Just kidding. With three weeks to go to baby’s due date, the little one has taken up permanent residency on my sciatic nerve and walking is suddenly a chore. Oh pregnancy, how I love you :)

Having felt amazing right up until two days ago however, I jest and can’t complain, it’s been a brilliant 8.5 months. Not long now…. :)


Me, my little boo and the bump


Kevin took this photo of us yesterday evening when we were having a blissfully quiet moment doing puzzles on the sofa. It’s one of the few shots we’ve taken of me with my bump… the past 33 weeks feel like a bit of a blur :) I love how chilled out and happy we look. Because we’re not always looking this relaxed! Sam has been testing every boundary there is these days and it can be exhausting. Maybe it’s the impending change, maybe it’s that his final molars are just breaking through, maybe it’s just that he’s 2.5. Whatever it is, we’re trying to rein it in and get our chilled out boy back asap. A reward chart with star stickers on the fridge seems to be working. As does the odd time out. And focusing on the fact that although each day seems to include a meltdown or bout of extreme silliness, as we like to call it, each day also has glorious moments like this. And hugs. And cuddles. And signs of deep affection from Sam for a baby brother or sister who’s not even here yet. Like asking them to hold his puzzle pieces :)