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And then he was three


Our baby is three. How on earth did that happen? This hilarious, curious, precocious and completely precious little boy of ours has become a proper little boy. He makes us laugh, melts our hearts and tries our patience :) And we love him for it. Here’s an little peak into his world….

When I asked him this morning what he wants to be when he grows up, he replied without a moments pause, “A paleontologist”. Seriously. This kid could tell you the difference between a diplodocus and a brachiosaurus. It’s ridiculous.

When he wants to get up to no good, like eating a giant spoon of peanut butter straight out of the jar, he puts his hand up and says to be me, “It’s ok Mom, you just go and make breakfast.” And he has no idea he’s totally giving himself away :)

His favourite thing to do with his little brother is take both of Tom’s hands and bounce them up and down while chanting “joy, joy, joy”. Melt.

He really, really likes yoga and whispers “Namaste” with his hands in the prayer position with total sincerity at the end of every class.

He requests dance parties almost every night after dinner and shows us the “new moves he dreamed up in the night”. Spinning one arm round and round is the latest. It’s awesome.

He says “Oh thanks Mom/Dad” without being prompted. Quite proud of that really.

And on the night of his birthday when he was too excited to fall asleep and his Dad had already read just about every book in his room, I went in, turned off to the light and lay down with him. He eventually snuggled down and stopped talking a mile a minute. Then he leaned over, kissed me on the lips and whispered “I love you”. I nearly died. Seriously.

We love you too little boo. Happy Birthday. You’re the most terrific little boy we could ever have hoped for.

A few pics from his birthday week…


It’s hard to see and we forgot to take a photo before devouring it, but that’s a T-Rex cake. And it even sort of resembled a T-Rex :)


Marking his height on the growth chart. He’d been looking forward to this for weeks before the big day.


Before and After shots of our family trip to an activity centre nearby on the day. He had a blast. Oh and Dad was bitten on the thumb by a pig named Norman which meant a trip to the doctor for a tetanus shot on the way home. Sam thought it was all quite thrilling. Dad won’t be forgetting this day anytime soon :)

see saw

Riding the see-saw with one of his gifts. If he actually does become a paleontologist, I’ll frame this for his office one day :)





Moving to a big boy bed

2014-03-11 16.33.50

They say that the moment you see you first child after having a new baby they suddenly seem so very BIG. I can’t quite fathom just how big Sam will look to me in around 12 weeks time, because he’s already growing into such a big boy it’s frightening. Almost two and a half years have gone by in the blink of an eye.

We reached a big milestone in our house recently when Sam moved out of the baby room and in to a new big boy room- and proper big boy bed. Kevin and I kind of held our breath. He’s been such an amazing sleeper from the start but we worried that this would be a setback. And I especially worried that those glorious two hours I have to myself every afternoon would disappear. If he wasn’t contained by his bed would he really lay down and sleep?

2014-03-03 16.30.49

Apparently yes. It’s been three weeks since we took the plunge and Sam could not have been more of a trooper. He adores his big boy bed, and is very fond of showing it to anyone who visits the house. I’m surprised the mailman hasn’t been invited in :) Every afternoon and evening he climbs in, snuggles up in his blankets, says goodnight and sleeps soundly as can be, not moving or trying to get up. Maybe it’s that he loves his sleep. Maybe it’s that it’s a heck of a cozy bed :) Maybe it’s that we started the transition 2.5 months before and took it slowly, waiting until he expressed an interest in sleeping in there. Maybe it’s that he’s really embracing the big boy role now that a little brother or sister is on the way. We’re not really sure, but we’re loving it.

2014-03-03 16.31.35

Sweet dreams Sam.



2014-02-01 12.41.40

2014-02-06 16.33.10

Sam has been absolutely cracking us up lately. Now that he’s really talking, and always talking! he comes out with some of the most hilarious statements, and totally leaves us wondering where he gets his material. A few recent examples….

After (unintentionally) flipping backwards off the bed: “I didn’t see that coming!”

While wrestling with Daddy because he didn’t want his (very) wet diaper changed one morning: “I’m not impressed.”

His idea of poetry, often repeated from his car seat while driving: “What about a boot!” (followed by peals of laughter)

At the dinner table: “Wow Mommy, you made a lovely dinner!” (Though dinner conversations can also involve an awful lot of “I want to get down!” and “I don’t like it!”)

Certainly is a favourite word right now. He uses it when he wants to be sure something he’s after will actually happen, like “Sam can certainly have a cookie.” or “Sam will certainly play with his trains.” Speaking in the third person is also a popular past time of his :)

And he loves to repeat phrases his two Nanas use, which he finds endlessly amusing. As in “Snug as a bug in a rug. Nana says that.” and “Nana says ‘Heavens to Betsy!” Also followed by peals of laughter.

I swear he hears phrases and locks them away in his brain knowing they might come in handy at another time then pulls them out. Two is such an adventure of an age. It can be seriously trying at times, but also filled with the most delicious little moments where they just about take your breathe away :)

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Go away bee!

2013-08-24 15.22.47

Sam has a favourite new expression. ‘Go away!’. As in ‘go away rain!’ when we want to go out to play. Or ‘go away Mahler’ when he gets in the way of building towers with blocks, or tries to steal Sam’s snacks. Or ‘go away bee!’ when he hears one buzzing nearby. Unfortunately that didn’t work on Saturday morning and our poor little guy was stung, right on his eyelid! Ouch. He was remarkably brave as I pulled out the stinger and put arnica and ice on it. Braver than his Mom who kept it fairly cool on the outside but was secretly freaking out. Thankfully the tears ended quickly. And the swelling was gone about 36 hours later. It lasted just long enough for sympathy milkshakes :)

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Marking the months of baby’s first year

birth to one

The first year of baby’s life is such an exciting series of events. Everything changes. And keeps on changing. You, life, routines, them. We found it fun to mark the changes with special little treats each month. Some were doing new things, some were buying new things, and each was chosen for the given month because he’d become old enough for it. Here’s what we did. Continue reading