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Seriously? Yoga amazingness

mama-to-be in yoga pose - dang!

So here I am in my last yoga class.

Just kidding. With three weeks to go to baby’s due date, the little one has taken up permanent residency on my sciatic nerve and walking is suddenly a chore. Oh pregnancy, how I love you :)

Having felt amazing right up until two days ago however, I jest and can’t complain, it’s been a brilliant 8.5 months. Not long now…. :)


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A final taste of summer

2013-09-23 16.33.57-2

The sun has been shining and it’s been gloriously warm for the past two days – a taste of an Indian Summer. Sam and I made the most of it today by riding our bike to the store for a popsicle and playing outside almost all day long. Needless to say he fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow :)

Autumn, we’ll be ready for you again soon but it sure is nice to hang out with our old pal Summer again.

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall.


I adore fall. It’s my absolute favourite season. This summer has been incredible. What with the amazing weather, and Sam’s adorably fun age we’ve lived it up with bike rides and trips to the beach, a camping trip and lots of popsicles and ice cream. But now the weather is turning a little crisper, the leaves are just starting to change and I am so ready for cozy sweaters, apple pie, lighting a fire and jumping in leaves. I love you fall :)


Photo of the amazing fall colour in my hometown of Oakville, Ontario, taken last fall. A tree on fire with colour.