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Go away bee!

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2013-08-24 15.22.47

Sam has a favourite new expression. ‘Go away!’. As in ‘go away rain!’ when we want to go out to play. Or ‘go away Mahler’ when he gets in the way of building towers with blocks, or tries to steal Sam’s snacks. Or ‘go away bee!’ when he hears one buzzing nearby. Unfortunately that didn’t work on Saturday morning and our poor little guy was stung, right on his eyelid! Ouch. He was remarkably brave as I pulled out the stinger and put arnica and ice on it. Braver than his Mom who kept it fairly cool on the outside but was secretly freaking out. Thankfully the tears ended quickly. And the swelling was gone about 36 hours later. It lasted just long enough for sympathy milkshakes :)


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