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Our new room

2013-11-01 14.39.22

At long last our new space has reached the point where I can take a few pictures, and call it done. Almost :) We LOVE our new space, the extension and a few changes we made in the rest of the downstairs has seriously maxed out our living space and made the house feel so much bigger. Needless to say Sam loves it too. He, and we, refer to it as the ‘new room’, I wonder if we’ll still be doing that a few years from now :) and he regularly announces that he’s going in there to play or read or climb in to Mahler’s bed. Continue reading


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Temporary tattoos for toddlers


Have you seen Tattly? They make amazingly beautiful temporary tattoos. I loved them as a kid, but these are way cooler, and way better than the ones I used to buy from machines for 25 cents.

Non-toxic and printed with vegetable-based ink, they’re designed by professional artists who get a cut of every sale. How cool is that?

A few of them are going to be in Sam’s stocking this Christmas.

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A new playroom….

Large play space for kids

We’re super excited to be adding some extra living space to our home this fall. I just adore our little house, but it is a little house and sometimes (read: on rainy days!) starts to feel stir-crazily small. But as of this fall we’ll have a brand new bright and open playroom for Sam and office for Kevin and I looking out over the garden. We can’t wait. Continue reading

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Tailor made for my little guy

Have you ever come across a t-shirt or toy, print or photo that just totally and completely encapsulates your little one’s interests? For Sam, that would be this poster. He loves the moon. Its an obsession. And he adores dinosaurs. Like seriously. The two combined? In a totally adorable print? I couldn’t create something myself that he’d love as much. I think this needs to hang on his bedroom wall :)

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Mural of family photos

family photo mural

How amazing is this massive mural of family photos? The home has just been featured in Toronto Life magazine. You could spend hours standing in front of it looking at all of the photos, couldn’t you? I’d imagine it would be a popular gathering spot at house parties :) It’s a really fun idea done in a very tasteful way.

Sam would adore finding familiar faces in this.

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Inspired by: A room out of moon rabbit


Have you seen Design Sponge’s Living In series? I love it. They draw on a film’s aesthetic for design and fashion inspiration. Sam and I read moon rabbit all snuggled up under the duvet on Mother’s Day while Daddy made breakfast. It was great. It also really got me thinking that if I’m ever lucky enough to have a little girl, I want her room to feel like she’s living in moon rabbit’s world. Here it goes. Continue reading