Sam I Am

We do so love that Sam I am – A blog about the joys of toddlerhood


Photo on 2013-04-05 at 17.19

Oh to live life with the passion of a toddler. Everything is new, everything is exciting, everything has the ability to blow your mind. It’s inspiring!

Sam I Am is a blog about seeking the joy, energy and enthusiasm of a toddler and harnessing it to get the most of the little things in life. It tries to look at life through the lens of a little one, capturing moments of bliss and finding new ways to entertain, feed, clothe, teach, learn from and just enjoy life with a toddler. Inspired by my own rambunctious and completely delicious toddler son, I hope it becomes a space that can inspire you just as much as he inspires me.

A little about Lindsay…

Originally from Oakville, Canada, I came to Ireland in 2005 for two months, met my future husband the day after arriving and have lived here ever since. Together with our lazy black dog, we’re raising our toddler son on the laid-back west coast. Prior to the arrival of my little one I worked in research communications and scientific outreach for a large university, and was the editor of a research magazine for two years. I currently spend my time covered in peanut butter and dirt, writing Toodlelou and various other projects, and loving every minute of it.

A special thanks to my dear friend Anna’s talented husband Dominique for the gorgeous photo of my Sam, used in the banner. If you ever get tired of software, you have a true calling behind the lense.


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