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Made by Mommy: Sam’s Book of Great Adventures

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Sam was 21 months on Saturday. Where does the time go? And continuing with our tradition of making him something for each month milestone, we presented him with a book of all of the great adventures he’s been on so far this year. It’s a photo diary of all of the fun we’ve had, and he just loves it. Here’s what we did.


Over the course of a few days last week, I scrolled through our hundreds of photos (I’m obsessed with taking his photo!) and pulled out all of the ones where he was doing something for the first time, like playing in snow in New York, or going on a plane; or doing things he loves, like eating popsicles or riding in a tractor, or just having fun with Mom or Dad or Nana or his friends, like this one.


Then using the same free online photo editor that I used here and here, I added in a descriptive line about the photo. Given that every new or favourite thing makes for a big adventure in the life of a toddler, much of the moments captured are just simple, sweet little parts of our everyday, but that makes them all the more precious.


It’s also a really lovely way for us to look back over a year of huge change and growth and remember all of the fun little things we’ve done together. For all of the snapping away I do with the camera, we rarely print our images, so this was a great excuse to turn our many photos into something tangible.


There are few things Sam loves more than looking at his own photos. Toddlers are unapologetic-ally self-obsessed in the sweetest way, aren’t they? So pouring over these images and remembering all of the fun he’s had should keep him going for some time!



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