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This week we…






Sam has also begun to tell jokes :) His first went like this; Mommy: Is that yogurt yummy Sam?
Sam: Yeah.
Mommy: What flavour is it?
Sam: Poo, poo! (Said with an enormous grin and followed by peals of laughter.) Gotta love toilet humour :)

His second;  Mommy: What do we cook in that Sam? (as Sam enters the kitchen with a cage for bbqing fish)
Sam: Meatballs! (once again followed by peals of laughter).

I’m sure he’ll get funnier as time goes on, but it’s pretty entertaining as it is.

Have a brilliant weekend. We’re excited to be hanging out with all of Kevin’s family for the weekend. It only happens about once a year, so it’s going to be great. Total cousin saturation for Sam!


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Tractor euphoria

tractor joy

After that recent lobster dinner, Sam and I left the table early so he could burn some energy before getting back in the car. And much to Sam’s utter delight and excitement, we came upon not one, but two rusty old tractors. His VERY FAVOURITE THING. Just look at the joy in that face!

P.S. Sam’s tractor wheel sandbox is still a big hit and helicopters are still pretty awesome too.