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This week we…


1. Were seriously loving our lovey. Baba the blue blanket is a priceless item in this house.

2. Woke from some epic naps with pretty awesome bed head.

3. Had our first taste of popsicle. Yum! It lasted so long it came with us to the bathtub :)

4. Climbed up and on and over every surface that stayed still long enough.

5. Discovered that riding on Mommy’s bike is just about the best thing ever.


Looking forward to checking out Penny’s new Family Yoga class tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)


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Marking the months of baby’s first year

birth to one

The first year of baby’s life is such an exciting series of events. Everything changes. And keeps on changing. You, life, routines, them. We found it fun to mark the changes with special little treats each month. Some were doing new things, some were buying new things, and each was chosen for the given month because he’d become old enough for it. Here’s what we did. Continue reading