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Favourite Things: big yellow excavator

2014-03-03 16.55.35

After his nap today Sam was pretty excited to help me make bread for dinner. Excavator had to join us, of course :) I had visions of him wanting to use the bucket for stirring, but thankfully he was happy to have it just sitting there beside us. Thank goodness. Because here it was hours earlier in the garden digging through the dirt.

2014-03-03 11.59.16

The very same excavator joined us in the bath last night- it took up more than its fair share of space.

Oh and here he is in the car on the way to swimming.

Attached at the hip :) Needless to say excavator has spent more than a few naps and nights with Sam as well. Who wants to cuddle up next to a hard plastic excavator? Sam, apparently.

In case you have your own construction crazed little one, here’s where Kevin bought it back when Sam was 1.5. It’s indestructible.



Favourite Things: Playsam (beautiful, fun skandi toys)

I’m not sure how it’s taken almost two years for me to discover Playsam. I meant the name is just too much, and they make the most gorgeous range of planes, cars, buses and toys I’ve ever seen. Sam is going to be very happy I’ve discovered this beautiful toy company :) Continue reading

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Favourite Things: Leaving messages for Nana on the phone

2013-07-19 11.42.09

Sam and I have a new favourite thing to do. Every now and then he really wants to call his Nana. Oftentimes with the time difference, it’s not an option. So instead, we call her house and leave her a message on her voicemail. He’s really getting the hang of it. Yesterday’s went something like this.

“Hello Nana. Hiya. Hello Nana, hello Nana, hello Nana.¬†Dome. (His favourite thing about camping :) Photos to come….)
Me: Did we go to the park this morning Sam?
Yay. Swing! Mow! (Someone was cutting the lawn.)
Indicipherable babble.
Me: Say I love you Nana.
Love you.
Bye Nana. Love you. Bye bye.”

I mean who wouldn’t want to come home to that on their machine, right? I know his Nana loves it :)

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Favourite Things: Green Eggs and Ham

Not surprisingly, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss has been sitting on the shelf in Sam’s room since he was a baby (thanks Grandma!). We read it to him a little when he was a baby,¬† but have started reading it an awful lot more in the past few weeks. Sam is in LOVE! Who wouldn’t love a book that repeats their own name on every second page? It’s a joy to read to him as he smiles and beams. The last line is his all time favourite. “Thank-you, thank-you Sam-I-Am”. Indeed.

Top image via The Cooper Gallery

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Favourite Things: Galway’s Wooden Heart toy store

One of my very favourite things about being a parent is all of the time I get to spend playing with Sam. Buying, and making, new toys is a joy to me. Maybe it’s that I get to become a kid again as well. One of my absolute favourite places in Galway is Wooden Heart, and now that it’s online, I’m really in trouble! Continue reading