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Happy Halloween!

2013-10-31 18.11.49-3

Sam could not have enjoyed Halloween more! We thought we’d take him out for a walk around the neighborhood this evening, to see older kids in their costumes and pumpkins on the doorsteps. We ended up running after our lumberjack as he went from door to door getting candy and saying ‘Happy Halloween!’. It was adorable. Continue reading


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This week we…

2013-10-10 17.41.47

Have been a little bogged down with activities and renovation distractions. Even Sam is worn out and needed to bring his blankie for a sleep on his tractor :) I can hardly blame him. The good news is the guys tell me we’ll be in the room next week. Hooray! Sam is already enjoying playing in there after dinner…. Continue reading

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A little boat on the water

2013-10-02 16.52.04

It’s amazing the fun you can have with the simplest of ideas when you’re playing with a toddler. Sam picked out this little captain and his boat when we were shopping this morning and we decided to take it on an inaugural voyage this afternoon. He couldn’t have had more fun setting it out on the water and giving it a little push before watching the wind blow it back to the rocks at the shoreline. And then doing it again. And again. And again. If it hadn’t started raining we might still be there :)

2013-10-02 16.52.51

2013-10-02 16.52.45

For 3 bucks and a drive to the nearest pond, we had an hour of fun outside. Gosh toddlers are great :)