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One happy boy


This week has been a busy one. Renovations, Sam’s busy schedule and trying to get a new business ready to launch are eating up every spate minute!
One thing is for sure though, Sam is one happy kid :) More from us next week. We hope you’re having a brilliant weekend.


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A final taste of summer

2013-09-23 16.33.57-2

The sun has been shining and it’s been gloriously warm for the past two days – a taste of an Indian Summer. Sam and I made the most of it today by riding our bike to the store for a popsicle and playing outside almost all day long. Needless to say he fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow :)

Autumn, we’ll be ready for you again soon but it sure is nice to hang out with our old pal Summer again.

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This week we…


1. Had more fun than one would think is possible with two balloons. Balloon dancing is seriously underrated.

2. Pretended we were on a dock in Muskoka for a while. We were in Oranmore, but we have great imaginations :)

3. Played quietly with Playdoh for a hour. Mom was in heaven :)

4. Tried to save a princess from a castle. (He’s really in to Robert Munsch’s The Paperbag Princess at the moment)