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Favourite Things: Richard Scarry Books

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richard scarry

When Grandma arrived last month she brought with her the absolute toddler godsend that is Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things that Go. Sam was instantly smitten. It became, and remains, our must-read before naps and at bedtime. He just adores it, especially goldbug…..

2013-07-18 08.22.34

Sam has adored Things that Go books for a while now and has quite a few of them but nothing quite captures a toddler’s imagination, and undivided attention, like a Richard Scarry book. I had the Best Word Book Ever as a child and still remember pouring over the pages. I loved all of the detail and that everything was labelled :) (some things haven’t changed!). So when my Mom mentioned that she wanted to bring Sam a gift, this was my suggestion and he couldn’t love it more.

2013-08-07 14.44.09

Every page is filled with images, and at 69 pages, there is plenty to pour over. Every time we look at the book, we find some new detail. Like the five-seater pencil car, or the upside down box marked ‘this side up’. Scarry was gifted with the amazing ability to create books that are loved by children but still manage to make Moms and Dads chuckle.

2013-08-07 14.46.18

Goldbug is by far Sam’s favourite thing about the book. He a tiny little, well, gold bug, who is hidden someone in the pictures on each page. He’s teeny, and yet somehow Sam manages to find him each time. Oftentimes he finds him before we do :) Which is quite something really, he’s often really, really hard to find.

2013-08-07 14.46.08

I couldn’t recommend a Richard Scarry book more to anyone who has a toddler, or needs a gift for one. They’re just brilliant. Richard Scarry, who was born in Boston in 1919 and died in 1994, reportedly always answered the question “how old are you?” by putting up one hand, laughing and saying “Five!”. No wonder my little guy loves him so much!

PS. Love the little foot resting on his book while reading with Grandma!

PPS. Welcome to the world baby Liam. Sam is delighted to be gaining a new best bud :)

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