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Favourite Things: Playsam (beautiful, fun skandi toys)


I’m not sure how it’s taken almost two years for me to discover Playsam. I meant the name is just too much, and they make the most gorgeous range of planes, cars, buses and toys I’ve ever seen. Sam is going to be very happy I’ve discovered this beautiful toy company :)

This takes the little toy car to a whole new level, doesn’t it? I’d gladly have a lineup of these on my living room mantle.

Sam would love taking this little sailboat in to the tub.

But this has to be my favourite. What an adorable little gift when you tell your first they’re going to be a big brother. (No, that’s not news, just thinking ahead!)

2 thoughts on “Favourite Things: Playsam (beautiful, fun skandi toys)

  1. Toys with your very OWN name in it…….How special my Sam!!! Hugs from Nana

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