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Our new room

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2013-11-01 14.39.22

At long last our new space has reached the point where I can take a few pictures, and call it done. Almost :) We LOVE our new space, the extension and a few changes we made in the rest of the downstairs has seriously maxed out our living space and made the house feel so much bigger. Needless to say Sam loves it too. He, and we, refer to it as the ‘new room’, I wonder if we’ll still be doing that a few years from now :) and he regularly announces that he’s going in there to play or read or climb in to Mahler’s bed.2013-11-01 14.39.44

It’s just a really lovely, bright and airy space which is exactly what we wanted. The light streams in all day. It feels like the garden is now another room in the house. And we can lie down on the rug and watch clouds float by through the giant skylight.

2013-10-21 11.49.34

There’s still plenty to be done. We’ve left the office area unfinished until a glass partition goes in. And then there’s all the really fun finishing touches we want to add. I’m really excited to make a big gallery wall of Sam’s art and fun images we like. The plan is to hang on the wall with washi tape so we can regularly change it and add things in.

2013-11-01 14.39.58

But for now we love being in here. During the very wet and wild weather we had last weekend, the three of us were curled up on the sofa (with Mahler at our feet) watching the rain pelt down on the glass. It felt like being in the helm of a ship. It was awesome.

2013-10-30 11.51.36

2013-10-19 09.39.34

Sam made the most of the airplane hangar before we moved in our furniture :)

2013-11-01 12.56.00

PS. Sam and I enjoying an al fresco lunch. On November 1st! Amazing.


One thought on “Our new room

  1. Wow! What a wonderful room! Sam and I will have a wonderful time playing there when I come next summer! hugs to all from Nana.

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