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A new playroom….

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Large play space for kids

We’re super excited to be adding some extra living space to our home this fall. I just adore our little house, but it is a little house and sometimes (read: on rainy days!) starts to feel stir-crazily small. But as of this fall we’ll have a brand new bright and open playroom for Sam and office for Kevin and I looking out over the garden. We can’t wait.

Sam has no idea what’s coming. Men working with power tools for weeks on end? He’s going to go bananas. We bought him a little set of tools so he can ‘help’ when the work starts.

Here’s the inspiration I’ve been gazing at dreamily when thinking about the new space….

Mountains wallpaper from Fine Little Day. The pattern is drawn by 8-year old Otto Dunker.  How amazing is that? It is his second pattern for wallpapers, don’t you know.

I’ve loved this for years. Now we’ll have the perfect place for it.

Playroom with photo art

This photo idea is terrific. Just have to find the right shot of Sam.

chalk board table

A chalkboard table would be fun.

I’d really, really, really love to have a swing in the room. I’d pretend it’s for Sam but it would totally be for me :)

Top image from Architectural Digest. This is waaaaay bigger than our room will be, but I love the big open space for play and lots of storage. Oh and Sam’s ‘art’ will definitely go up on the walls :)


One thought on “A new playroom….

  1. So exciting – what great ideas! I love that huge elephant in the first pic.

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