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Me, my little boo and the bump



Kevin took this photo of us yesterday evening when we were having a blissfully quiet moment doing puzzles on the sofa. It’s one of the few shots we’ve taken of me with my bump… the past 33 weeks feel like a bit of a blur :) I love how chilled out and happy we look. Because we’re not always looking this relaxed! Sam has been testing every boundary there is these days and it can be exhausting. Maybe it’s the impending change, maybe it’s that his final molars are just breaking through, maybe it’s just that he’s 2.5. Whatever it is, we’re trying to rein it in and get our chilled out boy back asap. A reward chart with star stickers on the fridge seems to be working. As does the odd time out. And focusing on the fact that although each day seems to include a meltdown or bout of extreme silliness, as we like to call it, each day also has glorious moments like this. And hugs. And cuddles. And signs of deep affection from Sam for a baby brother or sister who’s not even here yet. Like asking them to hold his puzzle pieces :)


3 thoughts on “Me, my little boo and the bump

  1. Aww, you both look so chill!! That’s wonderful. :D
    I have a Samuel who is 2 1/2 as well! <3

  2. Sounds like my little Duffy, Linds. The first few months he loved laying on my lap for hours when I read, or quietly followed me about. Now – he scurries back & forth, back & forth and around. On my lap, he is content for 30 seconds – no not content – just seem to be perched, ready to jump down.

    So Sam is going through the puppy stage, me thinks. And you are right – exhausting!

  3. OOPS!!!! I forgot to reply! Silly Nana! Imagine all my babies together… baby, her Sam, and her baby soon to be here…how special is that! Loving you all….Nana.

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