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Two peas in a pod


2014-03-08 16.44.17

To say Sam adores his Dad is an understatement. Copying everything he does, and thinking it’s the greatest thing ever, starts early :) Check these two out. I could have been burning down the kitchen and they wouldn’t have noticed!

2014-02-16 11.53.54

Can’t tell you how much I’m loving the sounds of harmonica practice. At least Kevin doesn’t play the violin :)


5 thoughts on “Two peas in a pod

  1. You’re lucky. My boy had drums – thanks to my mother.

  2. An amazing, inspiring moment. Fatherhood brings out the best in us and make us realize how great it is to be a kid at heart.

  3. Working on the computer together is beautiful…..perhaps you can both help Nana! hugs to both.

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