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Sam has been absolutely cracking us up lately. Now that he’s really talking, and always talking! he comes out with some of the most hilarious statements, and totally leaves us wondering where he gets his material. A few recent examples….

After (unintentionally) flipping backwards off the bed: “I didn’t see that coming!”

While wrestling with Daddy because he didn’t want his (very) wet diaper changed one morning: “I’m not impressed.”

His idea of poetry, often repeated from his car seat while driving: “What about a boot!” (followed by peals of laughter)

At the dinner table: “Wow Mommy, you made a lovely dinner!” (Though dinner conversations can also involve an awful lot of “I want to get down!” and “I don’t like it!”)

Certainly is a favourite word right now. He uses it when he wants to be sure something he’s after will actually happen, like “Sam can certainly have a cookie.” or “Sam will certainly play with his trains.” Speaking in the third person is also a popular past time of his :)

And he loves to repeat phrases his two Nanas use, which he finds endlessly amusing. As in “Snug as a bug in a rug. Nana says that.” and “Nana says ‘Heavens to Betsy!” Also followed by peals of laughter.

I swear he hears phrases and locks them away in his brain knowing they might come in handy at another time then pulls them out. Two is such an adventure of an age. It can be seriously trying at times, but also filled with the most delicious little moments where they just about take your breathe away :)

2 thoughts on “Samisms

  1. ”Heavens to Betsy” Sam, you are Delicious! The things you remember my darling are amazing and amusing…you are SO special! Love Nana”C”.

  2. I LOVED reading this and keeping up with the samisms…kisses to you all xx

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