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Rainy Day Activity #1

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2014-02-04 18.13.35

So the weather in Ireland has been pretty darn wet lately. We’ve been lucky, other parts of the country have been hit by devastating floods. We’re just suffering from cabin fever. No comparison.

But finding ways to keep busy and attempting to keep boredom at bay when wind and rain is hammering the house and making it feel as if we’re adrift somewhere in the North Atlantic, means we’ve had to get creative. One HUGE saving grace has been this incredibly large colouring sheet. That it depicts a giant construction site means that Sam thinks it’s just about the coolest thing to colour he’s ever seen. That is is 5 metres long means it’ll keep us busy for a good, long while. He and I (and Dad in the evenings) can happily sit side by side on the floor with our markers for an hour. It’s a godsend.

2014-02-04 18.13.25

We picked this one up at our local German grocery store Lidl for 6.95. Sam couldn’t hold a pen back when I bought it but I had a feeling it would be much loved one day, and I was right. It’s been one of the best purchases I’ve made in the past two years :)

French company Omy make fantastic versions though, and seem to ship everywhere. Happy colouring!



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