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Counting down the days to Christmas


2013-12-05 17.00.53

This Christmas is turning out to be my favourite ever. Sam is just so drawn to everything Christmas-y and is enjoying all of the prep and build up so much. It’s a total joy to watch. Weeks ago I found this terrific advent hanging at a local store and thought it would be a really fun way to count down the days to Christmas.2013-12-05 17.01.12

For just 8 euros, this adorable felt Santa face advent hanging was ours. (What a deal!? Lidl is amazing :) ) We have it draped across the top of our toy bookcase, high enough to be out of Sam’s reach in case he’s tempted to go fishing for treats before the day comes :) He’s been surprisingly patient about the whole process. Well done Sam! I then went to a euro store and stocked up on little toys and crafty things and filled all of the cones for just 10 bucks. Not bad.

2013-12-06 18.21.25

Each day we lift him up to reach in and find his little treat for the day. He adores it. So far he’s received little Christmas stamps, stickers, a tiny airplane and new toy car. It’s a really lovely way to give him little treats, count down to the big day and teach him how sometimes the lead up to a big event is just as good as the thing itself. I think so anyway :)

2013-12-06 18.21.43

I’m already looking forward to doing this again and again throughout his childhood. It’s really lovely to start little traditions with your own family along with continuing the magical little things your parents did with you each year.


2 thoughts on “Counting down the days to Christmas

  1. Nana is also counting down the days until Christmas!!!!! My Lindsay…aka Sams mom…was always VERY excited about Christmas and continues this enthusiasm with her precious Sam. It is really wonderful to see and I cannot wait to join them in all the festivities when they arrive in Canada. See you soon Sam. love Nana “C”.

  2. Adorable idea! And I so agree with your thoughts on anticipation of an event and in fact I recently wrote a blog (on on the same topic. Great minds & all that.

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