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Our baby is 2!

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2013-11-23 16.34.18

Sam reached the 2 year mark last week, and we celebrated with lots of his favourite things. This was the first year he actually anticipated his big day and was excited about having cake, a party, and getting gifts. It was a fabulous day. Here are some pics…2013-11-23 09.19.32

We kicked off the day with chocolate chip pancakes. Who doesn’t love a day that starts out with chocolate?

2013-11-23 08.51.20

Sam’s gift from us was this adorable play kitchen. He’s really into pretend play and cooking, so it seemed like a perfect fit. He’d also had a chance to try one out in the store and just loved it so we knew he’d be thrilled. And was he ever. We assembled it the night (staying up past midnight- the joys!) before so it would be ready and waiting for him when he woke up. Getting him to the table for those pancakes wasn’t easy :) He adores it and plays with it every. single. day. Nana bought him all of the little felt food, so his pantry is well stocked. His favourite things to cook are meatballs, porridge and broccoli.

2013-11-23 17.01.52

After a little rest it was time for a party with his friends. We kept it small, just 4 friends and their parents plus his much-loved Aunt. He was excited to see everyone but far more excited at the prospect of tucking in to the cake :) He actually spent the majority of the first half-hour in this position until we took pity, lit the candle and let him tuck in. He seriously enjoyed his cake.

2013-11-23 17.15.01

That face!

2013-11-23 16.35.51

He thought the excavator, roller and dump truck on the cake were pretty cool.

2013-11-23 19.02.31

He also thought the guitar his uncle and aunt sent over was one of the greatest things he’d ever seen. ‘Just like Jimi!’ Our little rock star. And that’s not too mention the trucks and train, tractor sweater and Gordon, books and flashlight he got from his friends which he loved. His gifts couldn’t have been more him which was so touching.

2013-11-24 19.07.20-1

It was a really lovely day, make absolutely perfect when we sat down together at the table after everyone had gone home and let him have one more piece of cake. He insisted on another candle, and the song, and we happily obliged. The he took a bit bite, looked up at us with those big blue eyes and announced, with a big smile on his face, ‘Sam happy’. Be still my heart. He makes my day each and every day. Happy birthday sweet boy.

One thought on “Our baby is 2!

  1. Happy Birthday to my precious,darling,”2″ year old grandson! You are truly a gift to Nana,a gift I enjoy everyday! Love you darling. Nana “C”.

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