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A favourite book come to life

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2013-11-20 17.32.34

Ever since we brought it home, this book has had a firm place on Sam’s nightly reading list. Imagine his utter delight when we saw a real construction site in action – at night, no less.2013-11-20 17.32.20

Excavators! Rollers! Dump trucks! They were all out, lights flashing, engines humming. It was toddler heaven. We were picking Kevin up from work, and as luck would have it, his office is being rebuilt, so this site will be here for months. Sam could hardly believe his eyes. And as Kevin had a late meeting, we even got to watch them all being ‘settled down to bed’ as we saw it :)

2013-11-20 17.46.46

With his own precious excavator in hand, Sam watched as each one was shut down. You can imagine the amusement of the men on site :)

2013-11-20 17.46.32

Sheer joy. It really is the little things that get them the most.

One thought on “A favourite book come to life

  1. Sam, you are truly a treasure! Such pleasure you get from such simple things! And to think that amazing construction site will be there for quite some time. Enjoy my darling,time and time again!. Love you sweetheart.Nana

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