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Autumn adventures

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2013-11-18 10.41.01

Sam and I couldn’t believe our eyes when we found a whole new crop of ripe raspberries on the bushes yesterday. This late in the fall, it was the last thing we expected. Sam quickly gobbled up every last one. We’re making the most of these last days before winter really settles in.

2013-11-17 11.45.00

The fall colour is really peaking here right now. And just in time too, temperatures have started to plummet and we’ve had our first frost so those gorgeous colours will be on the ground in no time. Despite seriously wet weather Sunday, we took the dog and went to the woods for a walk. Sam thought it was hilarious good fun to be out in the rain :)

2013-11-19 11.57.24

Though it was really chilly, the sun was back this morning so we took advantage and went to the playground for the morning. Someone is really proud of himself for being on the big boy swing :)

One thought on “Autumn adventures

  1. Sam, in a big swing,WOW! Way to go Sam! Nana will give you a BIG push when I come for my next visit! Hugs to my Sammy.

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