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Wise words


this day will never happen again Art Print

I was just poking around on Pinterest while Kevin gets Sam down to bed and came across this lovely art print. It’s a lovely little reminder that even the days when it pours rain and we’re locked inside all afternoon, and someone is testy because he’s getting new teeth, or he’s bored or hungry or just feels like being testy, are great days. It’s not always easy to think of tough days as great days, but I have a feeling that years from now when my baby is all grown up and comes home from school, drops his stuff all over the floor and goes to his room to text his friends (or whatever kids will be up to in the future) I’ll remember rainy, boring afternoons like today and wish I could live them all over again :)

3 thoughts on “Wise words

  1. Wise words indeed! What day would not be perfect with our Sam? Days and years go by so quickly, you need to enjoy each and every one of them as I did with my precious angels! hugs from Nana.

  2. A good reminder & a wonderful sentiment. Love this print!

  3. Such a simple, powerful way of expressing the ‘living in the moment’ concept. A wake-up.

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