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Made by Mommy: 365 days of Sam


2013-11-07 14.01.37

We’ve just about reached Sam’s 2nd birthday (hooray!) and we’re busy making the second draft of this beautiful keepsake. The day after Sam’s first birthday, Kevin and I started putting together 365 Days of Sam using Blurb, our favourite book printing company. It’s an absolute treasure that we all love to look through.

2013-11-07 14.02.45

The book contains one photo from each day of Sam’s first year of life. It kind of sounds like it was a lot of work, and seriously, I hope I’m organised enough to do it with our next baby, but it was simpler with Sam than I thought it would be. My husband came up with the idea before Sam was born and taking a photo each day wasn’t as tough as we thought it might have been. Being our first, we kind of took photos of him constantly :) Kevin would then regularly upload our photos to Flickr which we use to store all of our photos.

2013-11-07 14.01.51

From there we created an album in Flickr to store one photo from each day and every so often I’d scroll through the images and move the best or favourite, funniest or sweetest in to the folder. Doing it this way really broke down the effort. By the time the year was up all we needed to do was create a new photobook in Blurb and drop all of the images in from our Flickr album in date order. A little tweaking and it was ready to go.

2013-11-07 14.02.26

I can’t tell you how much I adore this book. Having a printed archive of all of his firsts and the amazing growth and change of a baby’s first year is a treasure. It’s definitely on my ‘must save’ list if the house were ever on fire. Along with this.

2 thoughts on “Made by Mommy: 365 days of Sam

  1. Thanks for sharing your keepsake, that is such a great idea! I know I love sitting with my mother and looking at baby pictures, your son will definitely enjoy and appreciate this.

  2. Nana LOVES her book of Sam! So beautiful to look through over and over again! It seems every time you look through it you see something new….your Mom and Dad are certainly very talented Sam….but I guess you already know that….right? hugs to my angel.

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