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This week we…

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2013-10-10 17.41.47

Have been a little bogged down with activities and renovation distractions. Even Sam is worn out and needed to bring his blankie for a sleep on his tractor :) I can hardly blame him. The good news is the guys tell me we’ll be in the room next week. Hooray! Sam is already enjoying playing in there after dinner….

2013-10-08 19.11.50

And he had the best morning ever yesterday when a giant cement mixer arrived to pour the floor.

2013-10-10 09.20.42

This is his cement dance :)

Here’s to and end to mess, dust, condensation from drying plaster and concrete and a beautiful new room to hang out in. We’re nearly there!

Have a wonderful weekend. xo


One thought on “This week we…

  1. Nana cannot wait to play with you Sam in your NEW room!!! Such fun we will have. hugs baby

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