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Fun details for the new playroom

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Image of Large Wall Decal Set

As the our new playroom begins to take shape I’m having lots of fun thinking of ways to fill it up :) Here are a few…

I’m loving these photo decals for the walls and know Sam would too. We could order a fresh set a couple of times a year and build up a big gallery without banging holes in the walls :) Image from Pinhole Press

Child's Play: The Art of Toy Rotation

I adore the hot air balloons floating over this sweet playroom. We saw some like it at Cody’s on Capel Street in Dublin. I think I’ll have to go back for a few. From Lonny Magazine

Washi tape is everywhere these days, isn’t it? I like the trend without big commitment. Think we’ll use it to hang some of Sam’s artistic creations on the walls. A little roving gallery of sorts. From Seventy Tree

DIY Cloud Lamp

Something about this little cloud lamp makes me smile. Maybe I could talk Kevin into DIYing it for us. From Handmade Charlottte

Keep all those school books cutely and safely organized by guarding them with this set of cute dinosaur bookends. #babiekinsmag

These dino bookends are a brilliant idea. So fun. Sam would love them :) From mybestfriendnme on Etsy but currently sold out :(

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