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Foreman Sam

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2013-09-17 11.28.20

Our extension is well underway and we’re super excited to see what was just an idea a few months ago take shape before our eyes. We can’t wait to hang out in there :)

We tend to refer to it as Sam’s new room and tell him that’s where all of his toys are going to go. He told us yesterday that he wants Cookie Monster to live in there. Done :) He finds it pretty exciting having men in the backyard all the time and likes to tell us when they’re drilling or hammering or building a wall.

Here’s how it looks so far….

2013-09-13 20.15.51

Top photo: He takes his role as site foreman very seriously.


One thought on “Foreman Sam

  1. Hello my Sam….you look like a real ” worker man” ! That is what your mother used to call construction workers when she saw them and she saw many over the years. I am glad you are keeping an eye on them while enjoying your raspberries! Nana loves you!

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