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We’re going camping!

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Sam, Kevin, Mahler and I are off on a four day camping adventure. Kevin has never been camping (crazy!), I haven’t been since I was about 24 and Sam has never seen a tent bigger than his teepee, so we’re all pretty excited.

I’m busy packing lots of warm clothes and rain gear, just in case, but also the canoe, bathing suits and beach umbrella, because I live in hope :)

We’re headed here, so we won’t have to pitch our own tent or sleep on the ground. Pretty excited about that. I’m looking forward to a yoga session with the owner in the morning, showing Sam how to roast marshmallows and hanging out under the stars with no phones, email or tv to distract us. It’s going to be great.

Photo courtesy of Pure Camping

One thought on “We’re going camping!

  1. Have fun everyone….how could you not? hugs from Nana

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