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Mm, Mm, Mmm: the lobster-eating toddler!


2013-08-04 19.18.17

While my Mom was visiting we kept up our tradition of heading out to beautiful New Quay, in Clare to gorge ourselves on fresh lobster drowned in melted butter. Yum. This time around, I had to share mine…

2013-08-04 19.18.41

Kevin and I are often astounded at the types of food that Sam enjoys eating. When we have fish and chips he likes to suck on the lemon (what?!), he adores green olives, fruit of all shapes and sizes are considered candy in his little mind, and spice doesn’t stop him tucking in to a bowl of chilli or curry.

But the ultimate surprise was when Sam happy munched away on lobster, straight out of the shell (and sea) and LInnane’s Lobster Bar. I guess it’s not so surprising for anyone to like a food doused in melted butter. But gobbling up lobster at 20 months seems pretty cool to me :)

Once Grandma had finished with her lobster claws, Sam put them to better use- lifting his french fries to his mouth :)


2 thoughts on “Mm, Mm, Mmm: the lobster-eating toddler!

  1. Another beautiful memory to cherish! hugs from Nana

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