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We miss you Grandma!


2013-07-25 16.33.14

After a whole, wonderful month of having Grandma with us, we were sad to say goodbye yesterday. Sam could not have enjoyed her company more. Reading books, doing ‘rolly polly’ tumbles on the carpet, scooping and dumping rocks with his tractor, and reading more books; the two of them had a ball together.

2013-08-04 19.18.44

Who wouldn’t love being showered with undivided love and attention for a whole month? And since Grandma is such an incredible natural with children, every little thing she did with him was magical and different and fun. He laughed and giggled many times each day. And learned his colours! Thanks Mom!

The only trouble is saying goodbye at the end of the visit. Sam has been asking for Nana regularly since we brought her to the airport. It kind of breaks my heart a little :(

2013-07-30 16.31.43

So thank-you Mom, for all of the play and the fun, and the gifts and cuddles for Sam. And the dinners and drinks out and babysitting and help for me and Kev. We loved having you here and can’t wait for Christmas when we’ll all be together again.

Big hugs from all of us.


3 thoughts on “We miss you Grandma!

  1. It was MY pleasure and I am now counting the days until we are all together again…..hugs to all….love you my Sam!

  2. So lovely to experience some of Nana’s fabulous visit with all of you.

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