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Mm, Mm, Mmm: Eating peas straight from the garden

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After a few months of heat and growth, we tucked in to the fresh peas we planted back in April.

2013-08-01 11.48.49

The peas were so fresh and so sweet we didn’t bother to cook them, we just popped open the pod and let Sam pick them out one by one and eat them. We love growing our own food, but having Sam experience the fun of planting and harvesting food is a real treat. So far this summer he’s devoured about 1000 raspberries from bushes that are the healthiest they’ve ever been, and about 4 strawberries (not so healthy!), and two or three blueberries (again, sad little bushes :()

2013-08-01 11.49.08

But later this summer we’re looking forward to devouring what looks to be a glut of courgettes, beets the size of our heads and dozens of apples. Yum.


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