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Making the most of a heatwave

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As I may have mentioned (a few times!), we’re having an amazing summer here in Ireland. Record breaking highs for days on end and not a drop of rain for two weeks. It’s like a dream come true. But hot weather means we need fun ways to keep cool. This is how we’ve been managing that…


1. Playing with the hose! Sam couldn’t love this more. Kevin taught him that pointing the hose to the sky will make it ‘rain’. He loved that.

2. Ice cream! Grandma and I bought these on our way home from the store one afternoon and they melted and dripped all over her in the car on the way home. Ice cream melts fast when it’s 30 degrees! Sam had literally just opened his eyes from his afternoon nap when we pulled in to the driveway so I scooped him out of his crib and stuck the cone in his hand in one fell swoop. He was pretty delighted. (Check out that legendary bed head!)

3. Catching crabs at the beach! Kevin took Friday off from work and we all headed to the beach for the whole morning. Sam was in his element splashing in the water (as were Mom and Dad!), heading out in the canoe and sitting in someone’s kayak :) The highlight was when Kevin caught this little crab for him though. Sam was brave enough to stick his fingers in the bucket before helping Daddy release his back in to the water.

4. Popsicles, popsicles and more popsicles. When Sam wakes in the morning and we ask him what he wants for breakfast, he answers pop-pop. With a big grin. Uh, no. But he does get to have one after his nap in the afternoon, and he loves them. This one was in town at the Arts Festival on Saturday evening. A proper sugary one for a change. He ate the whole darn thing with glee.

And of course, running through the sprinkler (top photo). It just doesn’t get any better than that on a hot, sticky evening. It took Sam a little while to get used to water hitting him in the face (!) but he soon loved it and was running back and forth until that little t-shirt was soaked and his diaper weighed 20 lbs.

PS. I’m not sure who that very grown up little boy is in photo 4, or what he’s done with my baby :)


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