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Mm Mm Mmm: Popsicles!


2013-07-11 09.46.04

So it’s been 30 degrees here for the past few days. Yowzer! Grandma brought the weather with her! We’re enjoying the rare treat that is truly hot summer weather in Ireland. But we’re also melting a little :) Sam is having no trouble staying cool however, with his complete and utter adoration of popsicles.


Making our own out of juice means we don’t have to worry about them being full of sugar. Using these terrific Crayola molds, a little bit of MiWadi Blackcurrant and water, we can whip of a frozen treat that Sam will love in no time. He thinks they’re the greatest and runs to the freezer calling for Pop-pops when he wakes up from his nap. Or at 10am when we’re heading out to the park :) And the grownups around here think they’re pretty great too.



2 thoughts on “Mm Mm Mmm: Popsicles!

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