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We do so love that Sam I am – A blog about the joys of toddlerhood

This week we…

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1. Sat and watched a front loader digging then scooping and dumping rumble in to a dump truck. Heaven. It went on for 20 minutes. Sam was mesmerised for the whole 20 minutes.

2. Celebrated Canada Day by learning to say Canada :) We now say it whenever we see a maple leaf. Job done.

3. Listened to buskers in the street. Between songs, Sam called out ‘more! more!’. He doesn’t believe in taking breaks.

4. Started really truly brushing our teeth each day. Sam loves it, so actually three times a day. His dentist will love him one day :)

5. Took Mahler for a big long walk. Sam insists on holding the leash. Mommy, for some crazy reason, lets him. On occasion.

6. Swung on a tire swing holding on like a big boy. Pure glee. Look at that smile.


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