Sam I Am

We do so love that Sam I am – A blog about the joys of toddlerhood

This week we…

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1. Had to drive home from the beach naked as the day we were made after diving straight in to the water instead of dipping our toes as Mommy imagined we would :)

2. Decided that we had better wear our plane helmet when riding our trike inside. Safety first.

3. Did a little plane spotting while swinging. Multitasker.

4. Saw an excavator dig dig digging while out for a bike ride. Awesome.

5. Learned how to play hopscotch. Kind of.

6. Decided that we were big enough to sit in Mommy’ chair at the table. Mommy thinks otherwise.

7. Listened very closely to the kitchen timer so Mommy wouldn’t overcook the quinoa. She didn’t.

8. Did a little reading to Mahler in the morning. Aw.

9. Discovered this gorgeous waterfall while out at a new playground. What a find!


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