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Learning Empathy

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2013-06-05 08.41.11

Sam seems to be in the early stages of learning empathy. He gets genuinely upset whenever someone else is upset, and will bring it up, in his sweet, semi-verbal way over and over again.

Yesterday evening when I offered Mahler his dinner I failed to notice that he was standing close to the kitchen table. Mahler loves dinner, and jumps in the air at the mention of the word, which is just what he did. Only his position meant that he jumped right up in to the corner of the table giving his head an almighty bump. Silly me. Sam, who was standing nearby was really upset by it, and wasn’t going to let me forget it the next morning at breakfast. Cue the ‘ooooh, ooooh’ while pointing to the spot on the table where the head bump happened.

2013-06-16 12.26.16

I get this face A LOT when he’s telling me about balloons that popped (tragic!) or porridge that got all over the pages of his book (disaster!) or the time a stool fell on Mommy’s foot and she was hurt (earth shattering!). It’s a sweet little sign of our growing boy’s development. Not long ago he wouldn’t have noticed. Now he not only takes notice in the moment but continues ‘feeling sorry’ for people long after the fact.

One thought on “Learning Empathy

  1. My sweet sensitive Sam… sweet. Wait until Grandma gets there with her sore knee… can help me do my exercises sweetheart and I promise NOT to complain!

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