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Favourite Things: Galway’s Wooden Heart toy store

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One of my very favourite things about being a parent is all of the time I get to spend playing with Sam. Buying, and making, new toys is a joy to me. Maybe it’s that I get to become a kid again as well. One of my absolute favourite places in Galway is Wooden Heart, and now that it’s online, I’m really in trouble!

Wooden Heart is a magical little shop chock full of precious treasures. Sam is still a little young to take it all in, but that doesn’t stop me browsing :) Family-run, it’s the kind of shop you visit when you’re buying a toy or gift you want to last a lifetime.  Here are a few things Sam (and I!) would like to get our hands on…


Wooden digger


Recycled cardboard aeroplane model kit


Tin toy train


Thumb piano


Holztiger Black cow

Image of shop from

One thought on “Favourite Things: Galway’s Wooden Heart toy store

  1. What a beautiful store! I think I have been in it on one of my trips to Ireland and feel we must visit again to choose Sams second birthday gift! My baby, her baby and grandma will most likely have a hard time choosing! What fun we will have!

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