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Celebrating Dads

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Father’s Day is a bittersweet day for me. There’s the joy of celebrating the amazing Dad that my husband has become and the sadness of missing my own Dad.

This is the second Father’s Day in our house, two for Kevin and two without my Dad. I miss my Dad every day and wish so much that he could have met Sam; he would have adored him. But watching my husband grow in to a loving, fun, spontaneous and caring Dad is a pretty remarkable thing to see, so I focus on the joy of that.

To all of the Dads who celebrated yesterday, I hope you had a great one. Especially Billy who was marking his first big day with Maddie.


People tell me all the time that Sam looks just like me but this photo blows me away. Those eyes, they’re carbon copies!


PS. How hilarious is the difference between last year’s Father’s Day card and this year’s? A 7 month old is a dream subject for a fun little photo shoot, an 18 month old? Not so much. I thought the epic fail that was this year’s card was too funny not to plow ahead and give it to Kevin anyway :)




One thought on “Celebrating Dads

  1. These beautiful blogs sometimes leave me so emotional……but the joy I receive from them is well worth it! Yes, Lindsay’s dad was a great dad….never missed a ballet recital, a track and field run,and all the other activities she participated in….she kept her dad busy, and he enjoyed every minute of it. He even walked her down the aisle for her wedding to dear Kevin while battling Parkinsons and dementia! He was an incredible dad and would have been an amazing Grandfather as well to both our Sam and our Maddie. He does have a “birds eye” view to our beautiful angels and I know he sends his love daily. Happy Fathers to all our beautiful Dads including my son Bill, on his first Fathers Day!

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