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Be still my heart

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Sam has entered a hand holding phase, and it is quite simply my favourite thing in the world.‘Hand! Mama’ he calls when we’re going in to a noisy room or something he wants to climb ends up being higher than he thought or he wants to show me something or just kind of needs my hand. It melts my heart every time. His little hand is just so, well, little. I know that holding my hand is not going to be at all cool in a few years. I know that there will come a time when he says no if I ask him to. But for now, holding on tight to Mommy is his safety net and I couldn’t love the role more.

PS. Have you seen these mitts. Seriously out of season, but I want a pair for next winter :) From Oeuf.

Squeeze me mittens

One thought on “Be still my heart

  1. I want a pair of those cool mittens too! Sam, you can hold Grandma’s hand whenever it is not being held by your precious mother! hugs baby

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