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Wearing your family close to your heart

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family necklace

The whole time I was growing up my Mom wore a gold charm necklace, The charm was a little rectangle with the figure of two children on it. I adored it, I guess because it was just so her. When I got older, she shared its special meaning with me, which was just so touching. Now that I have a family of my own, I wear them around my neck as well.

When I was one and my brother was four our Mom was diagnosed with Stage 5 Melanoma. Having Sam makes me wonder how on earth she dealt with it. Imagine the fear of leaving your babies behind? With incredibly good surgery and surely a little luck, she survived. A consequence of the cancer however was that she was advised not to have any more children, my brother and I would have to be it. She had always imagined having a big family, so the news broke her heart a little. Then one day soon after, my Dad came home with her necklace, the little gold charm with two children, and told her that two was plenty. She didn’t take the necklace off for about 20 years.

After Kevin and I were married, he bought me a charm necklace with the letter K, by Irish designer John Rocha. With each baby, we’ve added on the letter, and hope to keep adding more :) Like my Mom, I adore it and never take it off. Sam has recently started holding it when he sits of my lap to read, and will one day soon understand what the letters mean.

Here are some other beautiful examples of personal jewellery from around the web.

Priceless Prints from Prairie Creations, seen on

Typewriter key necklace by GwenDelicious seen on Cup of Jo

Morse coded necklaces from Coatt, a subtle way to way a name


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