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This week we…

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1. ‘Called’ Nana on the phone about 35 times and had great little conversations consisting of ‘Nana! Hi. (Big Smile) Nana!’ :)

2. Played a little hide and seek at the playground. Popping out of our hiding space is way more fun than staying there.

3. Practiced our Mr. Cool face in Mommy’s shades.

4. Hung out in our teepee – outside. Awesome.

5. Played a round. In plaid shorts no less. Grandpa would have been proud.

6. Biked to the store for an ice cream cone after dinner. A whole ice cream cone to myself… it doesn’t get any better than that.

One thought on “This week we…

  1. Oh Sam, another wonderful week! Grandpa Cody would be very proud of your cool golf attire and Uncle Bill would be proud of your stance!

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