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Made by Mommy: Sam’s book of Names and Faces



Given that our family is spread across two continents, we thought it would be fun for Sam to have a Names and Faces book of all his relatives and friends. Here’s how we made it…


Pinhole Press is a gorgeous online stationary and gifts shop that I just love. We’ve ordered lots of things for ourselves and as gifts from them over the years. They do these adorable versions of a Names and Faces book, which is where the idea came from. Since our family is still growing (at the time I made this, Sam had two new cousins on the way!), I went with a DIY version so that I could add in our new additions over time :).


To start, we selected photos of all of the family members and friends we wanted to include. Then using Pixlr, we wrote their name over the image in a variety of colours. We used the handwritten font Cabin Sketch, which I love. Then we just had them printed at a local store and popped them in to a 4×6 album. Simple as that.

Grandma Mary&Eamon

Lorcan Miles&Ben

Its been a few months since we made this for Sam and its definitely one of his favourite things. He loves to look at all of the faces, including his own! Now that he’s learning to talk, it will be useful for teaching him everyone’s names :) It took almost no time to make, and is a sweet little reminder of all of the people in Sam’s life who love him.

The End


4 thoughts on “Made by Mommy: Sam’s book of Names and Faces

  1. Such a wonderful idea! Thanks!

  2. Grandma looks VERY tired and she doesn’t even have her lip color on!!!!!!!! Somehow, Sam still loves me!

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