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Fun in the Sun

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water play

A warm, sunny summer is not something you can count on here in Ireland. But when the sun does shine, it is a glorious place to be. Sam and I slathered on sunscreen and spent the whole day outside yesterday.

dropping rocks

You have to love the age where dropping little stones from the patio in to a bucket of water can constitute fun.

Here are some great summer fun ideas we’re looking forward to trying in the coming weeks…


A soda bottle sprinkler. Awesome.


Sam loves bubbles, so if I could get him to stay still long enough, he’d go NUTS for this bubble pool!

Ditto to these Rainbow bubble snakes.

Painting with water could be fun.

We need to kick our sidewalk chalk drawings up a notch :) And take some funny pics like these.

Warmth and sunshine, long may you last!


One thought on “Fun in the Sun

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