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Books we’re loving this week

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stopping to read

Like a lot of toddlers, Sam goes through bursts of loving things for a few days, then moves on to something else. Books feature high on his list of addictions, and these are his current faves.

Sam has a huge love of planes and the moon right now, so the little boy who gets to fly his own plane to the moon, of all places, just rocks Sam’s world.

Emily Gravett is popular in our house. Monkey and Me is a new read this week and he’s loving all of the animals.

Sam adores his own dog, and loves all of the furry friends in this one. He gets a little bothered by the mess of the hairy dog though :)

With punchy, simple illustrations, Sam loves to point out the things he knows in this one- place, train, snake and whale are favourites.

PS. In the top image, Sam stopped to do a little reading as we were taking the dog for a walk. As you do.

One thought on “Books we’re loving this week

  1. NO one loves their books MORE than Grandma! Well, maybe, Sam does! Such fun we will have Sam, when you share all your books with Grandma! Can’t wait for July!

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