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Happy 18 months Sam!


2013-05-24 17.48.19

Sam has made our lives pretty spectacular for 18 whole months now, so to mark the day, we did something pretty spectacular for him. At least he thought so…

To start with, Daddy took the day off work, which was a surprise and awesome. He even made pancakes with peaches :) Yum. Sam and I spent the morning hanging out with my amazing friend Sarah at her son Cian’s school International Week Fair. We were the Canadian contingent. Sam wore one of his many Canada t-shirts and (sort-of) lumberjack jacket. We sat around a pretend canmp fire and pretended to toast marshmallows. It was pretty cool.

2013-05-24 12.25.53

Then it was on to lunch at a cool new cafe. Sam perused the menu and decided on blueberry yogurt.

2013-05-24 13.14.27

A quick stop at the pet store to say hello to the rabbits, then home for Sam’s nap. While he slept away, Kevin and I busied ourselves creating Sam’s play garden. We started thinking about this and getting it together a while back, but decided that we’d do the big reveal to mark this big day. Sitting just outside the kitchen window, so that I can keep an eye on him while getting dinner, is his brand new and pretty sweet tractor tire sandbox. Sam loves to play outside and is really into digging so we thought he’d have fun with a sandbox but wanted it to be transportable and not too big. Since he’s a huge fan of tractors, we thought a tractor tire (a pretty big one) would be the perfect container for a sandbox. It has a built in seat and is just the right size for a little dude.

Here’s how it looked in today’s glorious sunshine.

Sam was pretty excited by it. We took off his shoes so he could put his toes in the sand which freaked him out at first but then he really liked it. There’s a little track made out of flat rocks with some tunnels for his cars there too, so plenty of scope for adventure. The thing that excited him the most, by far, however was the very realistic tractor that Kevin ordered for the occasion. It even joined us for our pizza dinner in the sunshine.

All in all a really terrific day. We love you Sam. xo

2 thoughts on “Happy 18 months Sam!

  1. Somewhere else to play when Grandma comes to visit! Sure looks like fun Sam! Imagine!!!! 18 months old..where has the time gone…such a beautiful, big boy…but still my baby! hugs to my angel. Grandma.

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