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Favourite toys at 18 months

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favourite toys 18m

It’s always the simplest toys that little ones go back to time and time again. Sam will be 18 months old this week and his die hard favourites are this little round up.

Like most toddlers, Sam has a lot of toys. We haven’t spent much on them, many of them were gifts, but it’s these simple little things that he adores the most.

Balls- this one is a particular favourite. It might be the knobbly texture, but the size (he can grab it with one little hand) is perfect for grabbing and throwing. His throws go backward over his head more often than they go forwards, but hey.

Cars- at the moment his collection of little toy cars is just two, he has other larger cars which he likes as well but these ones are the favs. Something tells me this collection will grow over time :)

Dino- Dino Dan is a very popular television show in our house. I like it because it’s filmed in Toronto and makes me nostalgic for home. Sam loves the dinos. This little guy is from a craft store and gets carried around A LOT.

Tonka truck- this truck is actually a flashlight as well which adds to its awesomeness. Recently seen accompanying us everywhere. Thanks Grandma!

Books- Sam LOVES to read. Books are by far the thing he goes to first when he enters a room. And there are some of his books in every room. It’s an addiction. A great one :)

This round up is definitely boy-centred so I should point out that my old Cabbage Patch Doll is also much loved by Sam. As are other soft toys. And a kitchen set will be on the gift list for later this year because he loves ‘helping’ in the kitchen.

One thought on “Favourite toys at 18 months

  1. I have an 18 month boy as well and he has similar favorites. I love that you are getting him a kitchen set!

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