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Baby love


2011-11-26 08.35.46

A good friend of mine is having a baby on Thursday (yay Anna!) and its got me thinking about newborns again. I can’t believe it’s been a year and a half since my little monkey was a newbie. Those early days are so precious. Overwhelming, wildly emotional, exhausting, a little scary and so very special. I thought my heart was going to burst every time I looked at Sam. I’d just sit in the hospital bed with him against my skin and stare at him in awe.


2011-11-29 16.53.36

A little round up of beautiful new babies from around the web. Swoon.

Photo by Abi Porter on frills for thrills


Photo by Kate Hawkins

By For the Love of Megan via Indigo Crossing

By Fresh Art Photography

From Life is Beautiful

newborn photography Denver

By J. Amado Photography

I clearly have a thing for yawning babies :)

2 thoughts on “Baby love

  1. We called them NEWBORNS and this generation calls them NEWBIES……whatever the name they are all DELICIOUS! love Grandma

  2. OMG stop it right now, you are going to make me want to have another baby!

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